Nov 19, 2014

Another unknown artist, another awesome piece of artwork.
Artist unknow, but beautiful work whomever the artist is.

Nov 16, 2014

King Karate

I'm surprised that more hasn't been made of this comment about Johnny by Daniel.

"King Karate".

I've never seen any fan art come from this, or any comments at all really.

If Hollywood needs a movie ideas, I think a Karate Kid prequel is in order. They could call it King Karate and it would follow Johnny Lawrence in his early years, how he started taking classes at the Cobra Kai dojo, how his relationship started with Ali, etc.

It would be a blockbuster I think.

Nov 14, 2014

The world of the ninja

Lately I have been broadening my martial art knowledge by delving into the world of the ninja.

(more to come)

Antony Cummins MA was born in Lancashire, England and has a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Archaeology, both of which were obtained at the Victoria University of Manchester. Antony is also a published author, historian, artist, illustrator and TV co-host.

Overall, some of his greatest moments have included; searching Japan for the hidden history of the ninja and interviewing some of the most prominent figures in ninja history, living with the Tonga people of Ghana, Africa to establish a correct chronology and proven historical culture for the tribe as part of the Archaeological team under Professor T. Insoll, sailing the Tall Ship Royalist as Bosun for the Sea Cadet Corps of Britain, including the 2008 Tall Ships Race.

Antony currently lives between England and Japan and is in the process of translating a myriad of Japanese manuals with his co-author Yoshie Minami.