Mar 13, 2011

Lost scene from Karate Kid 3

Karate Kid 3 has it's issues, everyone would agree. Even the most ardent Karate Kid'er will admit Karate Kid 3 was not up to par with part 1 or even part 2. (However thanks to an edited version I have made I was able to salvage KK 3 and turn it into a decent movie. More info on that to come.)

But it looks to me the 3rd installment would have gone even further off the deep end had the above scence not been cut. It appears to be a machine of some sort inteded to teach Daniel how to block punches.

There was a mention of this in the director's commentary of Karate Kid 1. I think it best it never came to fruition in 1,2 or 3.

Mar 2, 2011

Ralph Macchio on ABC's Dancing with the Stars

( 2-28-11)

"The Karate Kid"


He's a successful actor, writer, director and producer. And we'll always love Ralph Macchio for being The Karate Kid. He chopped and kicked his way to stardom in that classic crowd-pleasing flick and as well as its successors, The Karate Kid, Part II and The Karate Kid, Part III.
Ralph's extensive list of film credits includes Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders and the hit comedy My Cousin Vinny. Among his multiple TV credits are: a two-season arc on ABC's Ugly Betty, a comedic guest lead on the series Psych, as well as a guest lead on the ABC drama The Whole Truth. Ralph was also a guest star on the hit series Entourage as well as the comedy Head Case.

Ralph also recently appeared in a viral video sensation, Wax On, #### Off, which has received raves from critics and viewers alike. Ralph made his Broadway debut starring opposite Robert De Niro in the sold-out Joseph Papp production of Cuba and His Teddy Bear at the Longacre Theatre.

Ralph has come a long way since the "All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament" and we can't wait to see how far he goes on Dancing With The Stars