Jan 19, 2013

Z-Ultimate Self defense studios?

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Panda asked,

So having recently moved I'm trying to find a new place to study. There's a Z-Ultimate location near by, and having glanced over their website I think that I'd like to try it. I'm familiar with the Ed Parker style of Kenpo and they claim to use Kenpo (though of a different style) so I'm interested in that aspect. However, I would like to know if anyone has actually been taught at one of their studios, and what their experiences were with both the style and the teachers.

Thank you!

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Rynok answered,  

Let me tell you a little bit about Z-Ultimate Self defense studios:

Their founders broke off of United Studios of Self-Defense, lying about the reasons for that; basically claiming USSD founder & head Professor Charles Mattera had "retired" and that they were the legitimate successor to him and USSD, when Professor Mattera had NOT retired at all - he's still very much active and in charge of USSD. Z-Ultimate also did a bunch of other things when they broke off, including stealing confidential information, sabotaged the USSD website for a while, and destroying USSD’s electronic files. They tried to claim that monks from the Shaolin Temple in China were coming to do a seminar in the U.S. for them (which wasn't true - when the Abbot of the temple - who was the person who promoted Professor Mattera to Grandmaster in Shaolin Kempo karate - was shown a picture of these alleged monks, he only recognized one of them, a person who'd been kicked out of the temple years before for wrong-doings).

They also tried to sue USSD and prevent Professor Mattera from contacting individual USSD schools to let them know of what Z-Ultimate was doing.

Most of Z-Ultimate's lawsuit has been tossed out, and USSD has filed a counter-suit against them, and several USSD investors have also filed a suit against Z-Ultimate (both of which are currently pending; interested individuals can follow along on USSD's website - linked below - by moving their cursor over the "News/Events" link at the top of the page, and then clicking on the "Legal News" link).

The Shaolin Temple in China has also blasted Z-Ultimate over the split, calling Z-Ultimate head Paul Taylor's actions "shameful behavior.”


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Darth Scandalous answered,

EPAK has been trampled on by clowns who make up their own way.

This is an example.

It's a mcdojo.


USSD is a mcdojo too.

Shaolin Temple in China has nothing to do with USSD and would find it pathetic to be involved in this BS dispute between two frauds.

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