Aug 24, 2012

Daniel learns how to Miyagi's house

More examples of how the book differs from the movie.

Daniel's punching lesson comes the same day he and Mr. Miyagi go to the lake where Daniel practices his balance, (the whole scene taking place after the country club scene) but his punching lesson comes at Mr. Miyagi's house.

So confusing.

Chapter 22, page 96

That afternoon Daniel sat at the oars of a rowboat on a lake with Mr. Miyagi. No mention was made of the scene at Mr. Miyagi's on Friday night. It was as if it had never happened. But it had.

"Stop. Stand. Bow," commanded the old man.

Carefully, Daniel lay down the oars and stood, bowing courteously.

"Not bow. Bow," said Mr. Miyagi, pointing to the front of the boat.


page 97

"When am I going to learn to punch?" he asked.

In response, Mr. Miyagi began to rock the boat, breaking Daniel's rhythm and tipping him. Unceremoniously, Daniel landed, shoulder first, in the cold water. When he emerged, sputtering, Mr. Miyagi answered his question.

"When learn keep dry," he said wryly, and helped Daniel climb back into the boat.


page 98

"Why train then?" the old man challenged.

"So I won't have to fight."

Mr. Miyagi smiles broadly, obviously proud of Daniel's growing wisdom.

"Hope for you yet," he complimented. "Come, row."

"Where to?" asked Daniel, obeying.

"Ready to learn punch."


Chapter 23, page 99

"One inch," said Mr. Miyagi, standing on the new deck of his house. "Secret of punch is to make whole power of body fit into one inch."

"Oh yeah?" said Daniel, laughing at the idea. "Which inch?"

In a split second, Mr. Miyagi's fist came into Daniel's vision, powered by the awesome energy of the old man's body. The fist stopped as suddenly as it had started, a hair's breadth from Daniel's nose. Mr. Miyagi pointed to his first two knuckles.

"This inch."

Daniel understood.

Aug 8, 2012

Karate Kid cartoon

(artwork by Christopher Wing)

Aug 7, 2012

Name of ninja who saved woman's life made public

Man in critical condition after being stabbed with throwing star

(by Jared Page 8-5-12)

SALT LAKE CITY — Police are searching for a transient involved in the stabbing of a Salt Lake City man early Sunday morning.

Police were called about 2 a.m. to an apartment complex near 700 North and 900 West, where a husband and wife had been arguing, said Salt Lake City Police Lt. Scott White.

The argument started inside the couple's apartment but later moved into the parking lot of the complex, White said. At some point during the fight, the husband choked the wife, he said.

A transient who spends time in the area and is known to the couple got involved in the fight and ended up stabbing the husband in the neck with Chinese throwing star, White said.

"We don't know whether (the transient) threw it at (the husband) or if he used it (like a knife) to cut him in the neck," he said.

The man was taken to Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition, White said.

Police were still searching Sunday for a transient known as "Strange" in connection with the incident.

(I highly doubt the man is a "transient". A crucial ninja skill is the ability to blend into your surroundings, this ninja was simply looking the part of someone who would be hanging out near 700 N. 900 W in Salt Lake City. Well done ninja, well done.)

Aug 6, 2012

Man Stabbed With Ninja Throwing Star In Critical Condition

( 8-5-12)

SALT LAKE CITY - Police say a homeless man with a ninja throwing star stabbed a man who was abusing his wife. It happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning at an apartment on 700 North and 900 West.

Police say a woman was trying to flee from her husband following domestic abuse. In the midst of the fight, the couple encountered two homeless men.

Police say one of the homeless men then stabbed the husband in the neck with a throwing star. The husband was taken to Intermountain Medical Center and remains in critical condition.

Police are looking for the homeless man in order to question him.

(Hello?, you aren't going to find the man, he's a ninja.)

Aug 5, 2012

Daniel breaks things off with Ali

Perhaps one of the biggest Karate Kid mysteries has been solved, at least in my mind. One of the things in the move that never made sense to me and used to bug me to no end was the scene in the arcade the night before the All Valley tournament.

When Daniel says to Ali, "I just want to apologize.", that never made sense to me. Apologize for what?! Daniel had done nothing wrong to warrant an apology.

The book however has now laid that mystery to rest.

Chapter 22, page 95

As soon as he rounded the corner, Daniel could see Ali standing by the school door, waiting for him, probably to make some kind of excuse about Friday night. Daniel didn't want to hear what Little Miss Country Club had to say.

He walked right past her into the school. He was tempted to turn when he heard her call, but he really didn't want to be hurt again. She ran up to him and stood in front of him.

"Daniel, I want to explain."

He winced when he saw a bandage on her hand, but it didn't stop him. He walked around her.

"Would you at least listen?"

"And be lied to?" He evaded her again.

"You're rude."

That stopped him. He turned on her in anger, "How can you tell? You live in a world of rude people. I just want all of you to leave me alone."

He stalked off, leaving Ali behind him.  Somehow he felt that nothing he'd ever done hurt as much as that.

Although he knew it was over with Ali, the conflict with Johnny wasn't that simple. He'd have to finish his karate training and meet Johnny at the tournament, completing the battle they'd begun that first day on the beach. What would things be like now if he'd never showed off his hot dog soccer moves to Ali? Different. Very different.

Aug 4, 2012

Events at the country club

That fateful night at the country club, oh how cruel a mistress love can be.

The scene at the country club seems to be a tipping point in the movie. A betrayal by Ali, or so it seems, angers Daniel and sends him to Mr. Miyagi's house followed by Daniel setting out on his own for his training.

But the book does offer more to the scene at the country club which again fills in some gaps and answers some questions. For example, I've always wondered about how Daniel got to the country club. He shows up at Miyagi's house on his bike with food all over his clothes, he didn't go to the country club on his bike, did he? That would have been a fun date for Ali.

Chapter 20, page 87

"Not bad," said Daniel's mother admiringly.

Daniel had to agree, looking at himself in the mirror. Definitely casual but cool. White shirt over white pants - even white shoes. Definitely.

"Daniel, you know, I'm kind of tired tonight. I don't really want to chauffeur you and Ali." Daniel's heart fell. "So," she continued, "why don't you just take the car? Here are the keys." Overjoyed, Daniel kissed his mother on the cheek.

"Good-night, Mom. And thanks."

He left the house at 9:00.

By 9:15, he was waiting in the parking lot at the country club.

At 9:16, he realized, much to his dismay, that his casual but cool white-on-white look was identical to the uniform of the valet parking attendants at the club. Well, he thought, accepting a set of keys from a guest, this was probably going to be his only chance to drive a Mercedes. Dutifully, he parked the car in the lot and returned to the front of the club.

At 9:21, he parked a Rolls. Very carefully.

At 9:30, he stood patiently by the door.

At 9:40, he was still there.

At 9:45, he was anxious. Nervously, we walked to the rear of the club and discovered the open kitchen door. Because of his white camouflage, no one questioned his presence in the kitchen. Somehow, he found the door to the dining room and looked through it.

A wide circle of candlelit tables surrounded a small dance floor. On one side, an orchestra was pumping out a pathetic mimic of a disco beat. The dance floor was crowded with couples.

Daniel tried to adjust his eyes to the dim light. Too soon, he succeeded. For there, on the dance floor, was Ali - dancing with Johnny.

Johnny's eyes met Daniel's. Ali's back was to the kitchen. Tenderly, Johnny put his hands on Ali's hair and tilted her face toward his. And then, as Daniel watched in horror, Johnny leaned down and kissed her.

Without thinking, Daniel spun around. He had to get of there at any cost. As he turned, however, he rammed into an unsuspecting waiter, and both of them landed sprawled on the floor, while dishes clattered and crashed around them, mingling broken pottery and chicken kiev. Daniel scrambled to his feet, aware that all eyes in the dining room were on him. There was only one pair he cared about, though, and he locked eyes with Ali just before he ran out, through the kitchen, past the Mercedes, past the Rolls, past the Cadillacs and Lincolns, to the welcome and familiar1969 Chevy station wagon.

Daniel didn't know until that moment that the old car could still leave rubber.