Jan 30, 2012



Funny as hell.

Jan 23, 2012

First day of school

Have you ever wondered how Daniel made it to school that first day on his bike? How did he know where the school was?

Let's go to the book.

Chapter 1, page 2

"Mom," Danny said evenly. "You know that 'charming' really means 'small and run down.'" Suddenly even California began to seem ordinary. He didn't like that.

"Okay, first a left, then a right after the school - I wonder if that will be your school - then two more blocks, and on the right..."

Daniel's eyes followed the instructions.

So apparently they drove by the school while on their way to the South Seas apartments. Another gap filled.

Jan 20, 2012

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Jan 18, 2012

Was Johnny supposed to be wearing a black leather jacket?

We all vividly remember the fight scene on the beach between Johnny and Daniel. Johnny's blond hair kept in place most carefully with a black head band, and a fiery red leather jacket covering his muscular frame.

But was his jacket supposed to be red or was it supposed to be black?

A hint is given in the book during the first Cobra Kai training scene.

Chapter 7, page 32

It was as Daniel had stood to ask Mr. Kreese about the lessons that the black belt had turned to face the visitor's gallery, and Daniel felt his stomach sink.

Kreese's number one student was Johnny. He looked as menacing in a gi with a black belt as he did on a dirt bike with a black leather jacket. The thought of Johnny with a black belt sickened Daniel as he fled from the dojo.

Was Daniel protecting Ali?

When it comes to the fight on the beach between Daniel and Johnny I have always thought it was simply that, a fight between the two that started because Johnny was angry and looking to kick some butt and Daniel just happened to get in his way.

Although after reading the book a new possibility has crept up, the possibility that Daniel stepped into the argument between Ali and Johnny to deflect his anger away from her in an attempt to protect Ali.

Chapter 3, page 14

Suddenly, Ali's radio blared so loudly that everyone turned. They saw Johnny trying to yell over the sound and then watched as he turned off the radio.

"I don't want to talk," said Ali, defiantly. And she turned the radio back on. Johnny grabbed it from her and threw it into the sand near Daniel who went to pick it up.

"Don't touch it!" yelled Johnny. Daniel picked it up anyway.

"You deaf?" Johnny ripped the radio from Daniel's hands.

Daniel wasn't sure what was going on except that he could tell Johnny was about to explode. He hoped it wouldn't be at Ali.

"Come on, man," Daniel said in a voice he hoped would calm.

Johnny held out the radio to Daniel. "You want it?" he asked menacingly. Then, suddenly, he rammed the radio at Daniel, knocking him down.

Jan 17, 2012

Karate creed

Daniel in the cobra's lair

I've always thought this was a classic scene out of Karate Kid 3, Daniel wearing a Cobra Kai gi.

Jan 15, 2012

Friends at the beach

Ever wonder the names of Freddy's friends that are present at the "Adios to Summer" beach party?

The book mentions three friends although in the movie there are four.

Chapter 3, page 11

The next day, Daniel found himself on a small strip of secluded beach at the foot of a hill. Freddy introduced him to his friends, Allan, Chuck, and Billy. The five of them played soccer with a ball Daniel had brought. Another dozen or so kids were there, too, swimming, sunning, and picnicking. It was a California beach party just the way they looked on TV, Daniel thought. Only this one was real.

The credits list another name along with Alan (spelled with one L in the credits) and Billy, that being Chris. I assume that would be the other friend.

The name Miyagi

As we know there are several mistakes or gaps in the Karate Kid. One of those is the whole "Miyagi Turbo" comment Daniel makes to Ali's friend Susan when she asks what kind of bike he has.

The gap comes in when you consider Daniel up to that point didn't know Mr. Miyagi's name, he doesn't learn his name until the following bike repair/bonsai scene.

The book clears up this gap (while creating another however, more on that later.)

Chapter 2, page 9

Beyond the shelf, Daniel could hear a snapping sound. He followed his ears and was startled to find himself looking at an old Oriental man. Daniel stepped back and took in the scene. The man must have been seventy years old. He was wearing blue coveralls and was brandishing a pair of chopsticks. The man - whose name was Miyagi according to his name patch - appeared to be trying to catch a fly with the chopsticks.


Daniel found his voice.

"Are you the maintenance man?"


However the funny thing is is that in the book the "Miyagi Turbo" scene doesn't exist. So the gap created in the movie that is answered in the book doesn't exist in the book to begin with.

A route to Receda

Ever wonder what route Daniel and his mom took to California?

We know they went through Sedona Arizona just south of Flagstaff seeing as that is the location of the Canyon Portal Motel featured in the openening montage. But we get a little further information about their route later on in the book.

Chapter 17, page 75

"Okay, where to?" asked Daniel's mother.

They agreed on Golf 'n' Stuff and Daniel's mother turned the key in the ignition. Nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing.

"Say, Ali," she said. "Can you drive?"

"Sure," Ali replied, matter-of-factly.

"Great," she said, moving out of the car to let Ali take the wheel. Daniel got out with her. "We'll push. You let it roll," she told Ali. "And when I say now, pop it. Okay?"


Daniel knew the drill. This had happened in Michigan. It had happened in Nevada. It had even happened in California, but it had never happened in front of Ali's house. He glanced over at the house and with a sinking feeling realized that the curtains on the ground floor were pulled back. Ali's perfect mother and father were watching them start their less than perfect car. He knew it was silly but he wanted to become invisible. Right then and there.

August vs September

The first thing you see when you pop in your Karate Kid DVD is what?, well after the woman with the torch, is.....

Newark, New Jersey

However was it supposed to be August?

Chapter 1, page 4

As they turned a corner, the pool came into view. Daniel's worst expectations were realized. It was small, half empty, and had an unhealthy green hue. A deflated rubber swan floated listlessly in the murky liquid. Daniel hoped his mother had not noticed the pool. He was afraid she would be disappointed, and she'd had such high hopes for it.

Next to the pool sat an old woman doing a crossword puzzle. Beside her was a scruffy dog, panting in the August heat.

"Hi ya, pup," said Daniel, scratching the dog's ear. In response, the dog thumped his tail wearily on the cracked concrete. The old woman scrutinized Daniel for a moment.

"This place is a dump. You should go back to New Jersey."

Jan 13, 2012

Karate Kid 2 promotion

I've always found this photo a little bizarre.

Jan 8, 2012

Chuck Norris, founder of Chun Kuk Do

"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper they lose their worth."

Jan 2, 2012

Karate Kid - the full story

Anyone that watches the Karate Kid will admit that there seems to be a gap or two in the story. For example, the one that has bothered me the most, is why did Daniel feel the need to apologize to Ali the night before the All Valley? He had done nothing wrong. Also, what was the whole deal with Daniel's mother being trained as a manager? A manager at her Rocket Computers "Flight of the Future" job? So confusing.

So in this new section I will attempt to "fill in some of the gaps" that exist in the Karate Kid.

As mentioned a day or two ago I was pleased with my $2.00 purchase of the Karate Kid novelization that I found on Ebay. I had hoped the author would have had access to the movie script when he wrote the book and therefore would have access to the original story perhaps filling in some of the gaps that exist in the movie. And to my ultimate joy it looks like he did because some of the gaps have now been filled.

What I would like to do now is take the book chapter by chapter and take the movie scene by scene and do a comparison and hopefully clear up some of the confusion that exists in the movie. My journey of discovery continues!

Welcome to The Karate Kid - the full story.