Nov 14, 2014

Shinobi Soldiers II

by Antony Cummins

publish date 11-5-10

Shinobi Soldiers II continues exploring the world of the ninja. Volume I was an investigation into the misconceptions we have about the shinobi, which allows this book to build on new ground and explore the historical world that the ninja lived in. This volume examines the religions, philosophies and social interactions of the ninja as well as investigating their skills. Learn how to tell the time by breathing or to see which direction your enemy is walking at night or find out the history behind the "ninja mask" or explore the history of all the ninja families across Japan . In Addition to this various historical documents have been translated here for the first time, including "how to present a decapitated head to a samurai lord" & the 16th century document "The commandments of Iga". Altogether this volume is a look at the true world of the shinobi.

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