Apr 2, 2015

Young man's 'ninja day' sows havoc in Munich

Police scrambled to Munich station on Thursday after an 18-year-old appeared in the main train station dressed as a ninja, terrifying passengers.

The M√ľnchner Merkur reported that rail operator Deutsche Bahn contacted police at around 11:15 am after the man, wearing a white scarf over his head and carrying a sword on his back, began running through the main station.

Police captured the wannabe shinobi in the ticket hall and stopped his running amok through the crowds.

On investigation, they found that he was in fact carrying a wooden sword as part of a cosplay costume – a form of roleplaying originating in Japan.

The young man said that he regularly wore different costumes and Thursday was “ninja day”
But since he had no plans to travel himself and was scaring other passengers he was asked to leave the station with no further consequences.



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