Sep 18, 2015

Miyagi-do Karate

The mid-80's were turbulent years for karate in the Valley. Ultimately the Cobra Kai dojo had to shut it doors due to lack of business. The building fell into disrepair and sat vacant for years.

Daniel had always dreamed of opening up his own dojo after he discovered the enjoyment of teaching karate during the West Valley High karate club days. Married life and children kept him busy but the dream was always in the back of his mind.

When it came to his attention that the old Cobra Kai dojo was available to lease for cheap he jumped at the chance and opened Miyagi-do Karate out of respect for Mr. Miyagi who had passed away several years earlier during the dojo wars.

Business was so good he had to limit the number of students until he could expand the dojo which he did on more than one occasion.

Here is a flyer advertising his business after one of those expansions.

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