Dec 19, 2014


In conclusion I can come to only one conclusion, that is Johnny and Daniel were in on it together at the All Valley tournament.

Not only that but Johnny secretly trained Daniel so he could make it through the early rounds of the tournament and then to the final match. Once there Johnny threw the final match and allowed Daniel to hoist the trophy.

Johnny did all of this for the love of woman, for Ali's love.

In the end not all turned out they way they wanted. Daniel was reckless, hell-bent on entering the tournament the next year even against Mr. Miyagi's wishes causing permanent damage to their relationship. Daniel also had a guilty conscience and blew through the money Johnny had given him as quickly as he could. In the end his life became a shambles full of rage and anger.

Johnny's life became one of torment and pain, never able to re-coup his fame and never able to let go of what should have been.

Profound lessons are to be learned from these two men and their stories. May we not forget and may we learn from them, that is my wish for us all.

I also hope I have not tarnished the greatest movie ever for the rest of you. To me the movie is even better and more intriguing now, however I realize I was able to feel the excitement that comes with the journey of discovery and many of you will not, although I hope you will be able to obtain some level of joy from this whole experience.

Most importantly I hope your love of the movie will continue to grow now that you have seen the truth and will be able to rediscover the movies all over again. There is a certain excitement that comes with discovery, I hope it finds you.

And may you find balance in all things.



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