Dec 19, 2014

The Locker Room Confrontation

The All Valley tournament, a day of battle, a day of conflict and of reckoning. Will Johnny go through with the plan? Will he even have to? It's quite possible Daniel won't even make it through the first round as he mentioned to Ali the night before.

Right from the beginning though we get clues that lend credibility to the theory . Take for example the Locker Room scene, the first time the Cobra Kai and Daniel scuffle that day. Who leads the way into the locker room for the Cobra Kai? Is it their leader Johnny, the one who has the biggest score to settle with Daniel? No, its Dutch, Johnny is actually the last to make his way into the room.


While Dutch and Daniel square off Johnny is serious yet calm, even to the point he leans back against the fence door kicking his right foot up.

It has always struck me that Johnny was the last into the room and not the first, you would think that Johnny would want to be the first to have a shot at Daniel. I think Johnny had much on his mind at this point, probably wondering if he had done the right thing and whether or not he would actually be able to go through with this whole charade.

Clue number 1 that something was awry at the All Valley.

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