Dec 19, 2014

Mystery Punches

When I first began watching the Karate Kid after I decided to begin an investigation one of the first things that called my name was the training scene where Daniel begins to train on his own. The scene of him punching and blocking while on Miyagi's boat immediately went on my list.

In the above video we see Daniel out on the lake again on Mr. Miyagi's boat but this time blocking and punching with force and conviction.

Keep in mind however that Mr. Miyagi still has not taught Daniel how to punch, Mr. Miyagi told him to learn balance first. Did he teach himself how to drive a punch? Daniel hasn't done a very good job so far of teaching himself, why would we expect anything different with the punches? Could it be someone else was teaching Daniel how to punch? I struggled with this question for days, having many restless nights as my mind raced around the mystery. Further evidence came when Mr. Miyagi finally did teach Daniel had to punch.
After only throwing a punch or two Daniel starts dancing around and punching without focus until Mr. Miyagi has to take him down and give him another scolding.

Where did Daniel obtain this new found confidence or should I say over-confidence? Daniel has been quite timid with all of his training so far, but now he starts throwing punches almost at random?

Due to Daniel's cockiness and the evidence of him throwing punches before Mr. Miyagi taught him how, I believe Daniel was secretly training with someone else. I believe it was Johnny who was secretly moving Daniel's training forward.

Hard to fathom but a conclusion the evidence supports.

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